Working to Feel Safe Again After an Abortion

Recovering from complicated feelings that may have stemmed from a past abortion decision can take time. The process of healing may unearth emotions perhaps you thought you long forgotten, and this can seem scary at first. There may even be the temptation to retreat back into yourself. But working with compassionate forms of support can help you regain a sense of self-control that may lead to restoration.

No matter how much time has passed since the abortion, the experience can leave some women with feelings of sadness or regret. Certain things around you may trigger memories you want to repress, and this can make the world around you seem intimidating. During what may be a time of emotional stress, you may retreat into your headspace to cope with old wounds. This is a place that might have offered temporary relief, but perhaps you’ve noticed it leaves you vulnerable to self-reflections that are unnecessarily harsh.

You are not to blame for the way you may feel about a past abortion, and you deserve a chance to recover. Exiting your mind and leaving negative thoughts behind can be a challenge, but surrounding yourself with people who can uplift you in your time of grief can open you to trusting in the healing process. By talking with people who have been in the same place as you, you may feel less isolated, as this may help you see you are not alone in what you feel. Your struggles may have left you feeling powerless, but accepting an encouraging hand is often the first step toward reclaiming your inner strength.

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