What Does Abortion Recovery Look Like?

Choosing to walk on a path towards healing after an abortion can be a scary process, but it’s a journey that can lead to a renewed sense of self. You do not need to embark on this road alone, as those who have traveled down it before can help carry you throughout this time. No matter how deep your feelings of grief or loss may run, there are always those who are willing to partner with you to help you locate a sense of wholeness.

If you’re struggling with a past abortion decision, it’s possible you’re feeling isolated. Your abortion may have been years ago, or it might have been recent, and perhaps you’ve been hesitant to tell anyone about it. Women’s abortion experiences can vary, but the burden of keeping it a secret may be what’s compelling you to share. Reflecting on a part of your life that you may not want to remember can be hard, but admitting there may be a problem is what usually brings restoration.

When seeking support after an abortion, you may find it uplifting to take comfort in the shared compassion that comes from a reciprocal healing exchange. Entering into this new territory can be frightening at first, and if it makes you comfortable, one-on-one counseling is an option as well. There are potential rewards in both forms of recovery. Both can grant you moments of emotional reprieve as you release yourself from the weight of an abortion. Opening the door to a new future, you may find relief in the freedom that comes from healing.

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