Coping With Sadness After an Abortion

Some women who have experienced an abortion may struggle with negative feelings. There may be a sense of indecision over your choice, and this inner conflict can lead to a web of self-doubt and condemnation. These threads can work fast, weaving together emotions such as sadness as your attention turns inward. But focusing on yourself can lead to self-assessments that are unnecessarily harsh, and this can make it hard to recognize that you still deserve to heal.

Tying yourself up in such powerful emotional bondage can be crippling, and perhaps you’ve refrained from unwinding these knots because you’re afraid the process may hurt. Moving into a place of restoration is often done in small steps, and they do not have to be taken alone. There are compassionate people who are willing to hold your hand as you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, finding relief in the renewal that can come from a revival of the self.

Try not to be discouraged if the sadness related to your abortion returns as you work towards recovery. Your journey does not need to end, and there are people who can encourage you along the way. Overcoming the pain that may come from an abortion decision make look different for each woman, but no matter where you are on this road to recovery, support is here to guide you through it.

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