Looking for Post-Abortion Counseling Near You?

If you feel the need to talk to someone about your abortion experience, resources are available to help you through this journey. Some women may struggle with guilt, sadness, or anger after an abortion. The power of these emotions can seem overwhelming at times, and their weight can make it challenging to walk on a path toward recovery. Whether you are trying to heal from an abortion that happened many years in the distant past, or just recently, you do not have to walk this road alone.

You may have anxieties about removing your feelings about your abortion from the dark and into the light. Know that healing can take time, but undergoing the process with supportive company can soothe some of the burdens of secrecy and isolation. When seeking counseling after an abortion, you usually have the option of undergoing this recovery path through one-on-one sessions, or in the presence of a group. No matter what you choose, you deserve to be surrounded by hope and positive encouragement as you explore what you may be feeling after an abortion.

Those who walk along beside you as you begin to heal may have a similar story to yours, and they can empathize with you as they listen without judgement. The complex emotions that can follow an abortion decision may be heavy at times, but individual or group counseling is here to help you feel safe during your restorative journey. Taking that first step in the direction of recuperation can seem like a scary risk at first, but the understanding that comes from a compassionate resource can usher in peace.

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The Restore After Abortion program offers free, nonjudgmental post-abortion care for teens and adults. Please call/text us at 630-599-0043 or email care@restoreafterabortion.com to learn about our support.