Fulfilling Your Dream of Post-Abortive Recovery

We’ve all had dreams about things we’d like to do. For you, perhaps one of your goals is to seek healing from the pain of a past abortion. Dreams can create hope and help us endure difficult trials, but you may feel uncertain about how to accomplish this one. It may take time, and support is available to help you draw out the energies needed to bring this dream to light.

The reason you might have been hesitant to work on this goal is because there may be emotions such as fear, regret, and grief. To address them and bring these feeling out into the open can seem frightening. But perhaps you’ve begun to notice that this unresolved distress is finding ways to resurface despite attempts to push it down. This may lead to frustration when the mental block you’ve put into place allows certain emotions to slip through. Recently, perhaps your thoughts have started to once again stray towards finding a way to heal.

Choosing to walk down this path can seem daunting at first, but there are plenty of compassionate people who are rooting for your success. Those who have been through this before you are here to help you through the difficult periods, encouraging you in this process where you rediscover your inner strength. Acknowledging these unresolved feelings can seem like an overwhelming obstacle, but the process of realizing your dream does not have to be done in isolation.

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