Finding the Strength to Heal After an Abortion

To escape from an experience we may not want to remember, our minds may construct a protective screen, closing us off from the event. For some women struggling with a past abortion, seclusion from those memories can create the illusion that what happened on the other side of that screen is unrelated to you. The effort it takes to run from potentially unresolved feelings regarding your abortion can be tiring, but perhaps fears about not being brave enough to work towards healing have left you hesitant about exploring these emotions.

Bravery often does not involve performing an impressive feat with preexisting courage. Rather, bravery can be defined as taking on a challenging task or action even when you are afraid to do it. Leaning into the pain and complex feelings that might have lingered after an abortion can seem daunting, but giving a name to what may be weighing heavily upon your body and spirit can transfer power over to you. Renewing yourself after a past abortion can be difficult – and sometimes demanding – work, but to heal the burdens of your heart through forgiveness is truly quite brave.

Once you start this restorative journey, you may have days when you feel weakened and fatigued, and you may question continuing down this path. Try to be patient and gentle with yourself, as it can take time to dull the pain from old wounds. It may seem like a long road is ahead of you, but as you find strength in your scars, know that you need not travel down it alone.

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