Coping With Emotional Triggers After an Abortion

Sometimes, powerful emotions from our past are pushed to the surface by certain triggers. Perhaps you’ve noticed yourself reacting strongly to certain sensory details or conversational topics, but you’re not sure why you’re feeling this way. For women who have had an abortion, encountering something that may remind them of their experience can be stressful. Identifying what sorts of things may open a connection to the memories of the abortion can be hard, as you may be anxious about exploring this pathway. But examining your feelings can help bring clarity to some of your emotions.

You may be wondering why you’re reacting to objects or people that might not have elicited a response from you before. There may be feelings of sadness, anxiety, or anger, and perhaps you find yourself recollecting the abortion that might be tied to these sentiments. It’s tempting to rework your life in order to actively avoid these triggers, but that can make it difficult to comprehend them and understand why they may be appearing now.

Seeking guidance when it comes to navigating these resurfaced emotions can help you make sense of what you may be going through inwardly. Understandably, there may be hesitation, but sorting through these feelings in a compassionate environment can diminish their power. Healing can take time, but with it often comes renewal and freedom from emotional burdens.

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