Will Life Ever Go Back to Normal?

Many people who choose abortion take this path because they want life to re-stabilize as much as possible, as early as possible.  Minimizing disruptions to present life and future plans can be a major motivating factor.  Maybe these were key considerations that caused you to end your pregnancy in the recent or distant past.  On the other side of your pregnancy decision, does it feel like you’re standing on unsteady ground now more than ever?  Perhaps so.  Perhaps not.  But many persons who choose abortion (and other pregnancy options) are left with disappointed hopes for a seamless return to normality when the smoke begins to clear.

It’s Normal for Life to Feel Abnormal After Abortion

Has a past abortion clearly effected your life, whether the outcomes have been significant or slight?  Are you longing for things to go back to the way they used to be?  Perhaps the abortion had unforeseen impacts on your physical health.  That does occur sometimes.  But change has probably looked more ambiguous than that.  It’s natural for a person’s mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health to be disturbed by a difficult pregnancy decision.  Sometimes those consequences are more impactful and long-lasting than physical ones.  In the wake of your choice, you may be feeling confused and disoriented.  You may be angry or resentful.  You may wish you could have a do-over now that you know what it’s like to walk the road you’ve travelled.  Chances are, you’re wondering when life will go back to normal, and if it ever will.

Navigating Change

Your question, “Will life ever go back to normal?” may be a challenging one to answer.  The process of recovering from a tough abortion experience looks different for everyone.  Your unique personality, experiences, resources, and mindset are bound to influence the outcome.  Perhaps some post-abortion effects will linger for a long time, or fade quickly.  Perhaps this will be a natural process, or one that requires a lot of effort and focus.  You can’t change the past, but you’re not powerless to positively influence your future either.

Facing Your Circumstances with Courage and Getting Support

Symptoms of post-abortion stress can be very challenging to deal with.  It may seem easiest to push them aside and hope they’ll disappear with time, but it doesn’t happen that way for everyone.  Healing often takes hard work.  Addressing emotional difficulties by acknowledging them and accessing help may be much less stressful, in the long run, than allowing them to linger.  Restore After Abortion exists to support teens and adults as they begin and continue their healing process post-abortion.  We provide individual and group studies to help persons facing circumstances like yours cope well and lean into their best future.  All services are free and completely confidential!

Your healing journey will likely involve accepting aspects of this situation that you can’t change, like the uncertainty of the future and disruptions to ordinary life.  This may not be an easy process.  As the future continues to unfold, life may return to “normal” in some respects and be forever impacted in other ways. But it is possible to discover restoration and move forward with courage and peace of mind.

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