Recovering from an Emotionally Difficult Abortion Experience in Winter

This first yearly stint from January to March is a natural time to feel disheartened.  The holiday season has drawn to a close.  Warm weather feels like a far-off memory, but spring isn’t exactly around the corner yet.  Perhaps, on top of all this, you’re recovering from an emotionally challenging abortion.  The pregnancy may have ended recently.  Or not.  Even if your abortion experience looks small in the rearview mirror, painful memories may have been triggered by the often-bleak months of winter.  A time before the abortion may feel as distant as last summer, or a summer dating so far back it’s beginning to fade from memory.

Depression, hopelessness, and feelings of isolation are all symptoms of post-abortion stress.  If you’re wrestling with emotions like these, the gray skies and frigid temperatures of winter may be adding to the atmosphere within.  Know that you’re not alone!  Restore After Abortion exists to navigate this post-abortion journey by your side.  It’s normal to lose motivation and energy when your spirits are low.  Our compassionate team at Restore understands this, and we’re committed to making the process of reaching out as straightforward as possible.  Anyone is welcome to call, text, or request an appointment online.

So, what would participating in Restore actually involve?  Our programs are designed to help women, men, and teens coping with post-abortion stress discover deeper healing.  We believe caring connection makes this possible.  It can be hard to reach out for support during a low point in life.  Sharing painful emotions doesn’t come naturally to many of us.  But Restore offers a safe space to tell your story and receive encouragement from someone who genuinely cares.  Coming forward may be necessary to begin your healing process, because people are wired to overcome challenges within the context of community.  Restore After Abortion provides opportunities to meet virtually or in-person, with an individual leader or support group, so our services can be tailored to the format that feels most manageable for you.  All communication is completely confidential.

Finding hope and joy after abortion may seem like an insurmountable challenge.  But perhaps you’ve heard the old saying attributed to Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  Taking this post-abortion recovery process one small step at a time may be the key.  Please consider sending us a brief text or calling to begin your healing journey today.  You’ll be met with warmth and compassion no matter what.

Reach out to us!  We’re available to answer your questions.

* If you think you may harm yourself or attempt suicide, call 911 immediately.  You can also reach out to a suicide hotline.