Hesitant to Seek Post-Abortion Emotional Care Because I Am Afraid of Being Judged

Are you wrestling with symptoms of post-abortion stress?  The decision to end a pregnancy impacts everyone differently.  Some individuals report making peace with this choice and moving on.  Others find themselves grappling with feelings like guilt, sorrow, regret, or rage.  Maybe you fall into this second group, at least during this particular season of your life.  The implications of abortion, including (but not limited to) possible emotional effects, aren’t always addressed well before the procedure takes place.  Perhaps your own response has caught you off guard.  Or, you sensed that your emotional recovery process would be complicated.  Painful thoughts and feelings about a past abortion can be extremely difficult to cope with either way.

In addition to emotional challenges, post-abortion stress can lead to relationship difficulties and behavioral changes.  These “side effects” may linger for long periods of time, disrupting a person’s ability to maintain healthy connections and function well day-to-day.  Still, many of the people who need post-abortion emotional support are hesitant to reach out for help.  Why?  The reasons are often complex.  However, fear of judgment tends to be a common thread.

If the title of this blog describes your own thought process today, our team at Restore After Abortion understands where you’re coming from.  Everyone knows what it feels like to fall short of someone’s standard or be looked down upon.  It’s an experience that’s uncomfortable at best, humiliating or even devastating at worst.  Maybe you’ve already felt judged by someone because of the abortion in your past, or you dread sharing how you’re really doing because you’re afraid of how others might react.  Keeping your feelings to yourself may seem like the safest option.  And many people do just that, hoping symptoms of post-abortion stress will fade with time.  However, wounds generally require intentional care to heal.  And we humans are seemingly wired to discover restoration within the context of trusting relationships.

Restore After Abortion is a post-abortion recovery program that celebrates and practices unconditional compassion.  No matter what you’ve been through or how others have responded to your story, we’re a no-judgment zone.  Restore offers opportunities to process your experiences and find healing in a support group setting or one-on-one, virtually or in-person.  Everyone who participates in our program has been personally impacted by a past abortion decision, and so have many of our leaders.  Seeking support after ending a pregnancy isn’t easy.  It takes courage.  But Restore is a safe space to begin your healing process in the company of people who care.

Reach out to learn more!  Our services are completely free and confidential.