Will Becoming a Grandparent Re-Trigger Regret Over A Past Abortion?

The human mind naturally creates emotional links between the past and present.  Let’s say, for example, that you’re strolling past a bakery, when a delicious aroma hits your senses and brings a smile to your face.  Maybe that’s because everyone loves the smell of freshly baked bread and sweets.  But perhaps you’re also reminded of your Mom’s chocolate chip cookies, and that prompts a warm, nostalgic feeling.  Present circumstances sometimes re-awaken emotional pain from the past too.  It’s possible to experience this no matter how many years have passed, even if what’s happening now isn’t inherently sad.  Maybe you’re a recent or soon-to-be grandparent, and you’re afraid that stepping into this role could re-trigger regret over a past abortion.  That’s a challenging place to find yourself in.  However, you don’t have to navigate the road ahead on your own.

If you’re coping with stress from a recent or long-past abortion, welcoming new life into your family may feel triggering for a number of reasons.  Perhaps you feel uncomfortable around growing families, because they remind you of the pregnancy that you lost.  And maybe, when you dwell on those memories, your mind begins to wander down sad, lonely paths of “what if?”  It’s hard- maybe even impossible- to find joy in the present when you’re under the shadow of regret.  Restore After Abortion exists to promote healing in the lives of women and men who’ve faced circumstances like yours.  

Reach out to us and learn how we can help you mend these wounds, so you don’t miss out on the beauty and blessing of the present.

Space Left for Healing

Every person’s abortion experience and post-abortion recovery process is unique.  If your journey has been a difficult one, you’re not alone!  Some women and men encounter feelings of regret, sadness, and many other challenging emotions long after an abortion.  Often, these feelings are deliberately or unintentionally stifled for years by distractions and avoidance.  Post-abortion regret can be re-triggered by everyday occurrences (like seeing a baby in public) or significant life events (like becoming a grandparent).  The post-abortion pain that you’re feeling is nothing to be ashamed of.  Abortion is a significant and often complex experience.   Maybe that’s clearer to you now than it was at the time of your pregnancy decision.  It’s normal to process difficult events of the past, like an abortion, long-term.  But if you’re concerned that becoming a grandparent could re-trigger post-abortion regret, maybe there’s still space left in your life for healing.

Post-Abortion Restoration

That’s where Restore After Abortion comes in.  Our program encourages men and women to process their abortion experiences and heal in community.  We understand that everyone’s post-abortion recovery process is different, so we provide opportunities to meet one-on-one or within a group, in-person or virtually.  Services are confidential and provided by compassionate, well-trained individuals.  Many of them have personally experienced an abortion and are passionate about helping others grow and thrive.  We’re here to listen!

Yesterday’s pain doesn’t have to rob you of today’s joy.  Although becoming a grandparent can be a complex experience (whether you’ve been through an abortion or not), there’s opportunity and blessing to be found.  It is possible to embrace and enjoy this important new role, no matter what difficult seasons you’ve walked through.

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