The Healing Road

Are you in the process of healing emotionally from an abortion?  Maybe this decision has cast a faint (or heavy) shadow over your life.  But you can’t seem to reconcile the past in your heart and mind.  Perhaps your abortion is years behind you, but emotional pain from this experience has lingered or been re-triggered.  On the other hand, you may have ended your pregnancy just yesterday.  Post-abortion stress can loom beneath the surface, or it can significantly disrupt someone’s day-to-day functioning.  But there’s one thing every recovery process has in common: a way toward healing.

Healing is Always Within Reach

Your healing road may look just as unique as your pregnancy and post-abortion experiences.  Visiting a counselor might be a part of your process.  It may include a spiritual element, as many women and men find faith to be a healing balm.  Often, the road to recovery involves connection with a community.  This may look different from person to person, too.  Perhaps processing the past with a trusted friend or mentor in a one-on-one setting is your best way forward.  For others, joining a support group leads to significant growth.  Your partner and family may (or may not) be a part of this journey, and the path may (or may not) be long and winding.  But a healing road is available to everyone who feels wounded by a past abortion.

How Restore After Abortion Can Help

Restore After Abortion is a program that’s designed to help women, men, and teens find peace in the wake of a challenging abortion experience.  If you’re not sure what your own healing road looks like, or how to find its starting point, we can help!  It’s our goal to offer encouragement while helping you break down barriers of shame that may be blocking your path to healing.

Reach out to us today and learn more about Restore After Abortion.  We provide opportunities for deeper healing through one-on-one and group support.