Post-Abortion Stress in Middle Adulthood

Merriam-Webster defines “middle age” as, “the period of life from about 45 to about 64.”  However, middle adulthood is also a concept.  It’s a season of life between early adulthood and old age, and more than just a transitional period.  People within this general age span may be going through very diverse life experiences.  If you’re a woman who’s reached middle adulthood, pregnancy may still be a possibility.  But you may also be a grandparent, or thinking about becoming a grandparent.  You may be single, in a relationship, an empty-nester, raising kids (of practically any age), or someone who hasn’t experienced parenthood.  Perhaps you’re focused on your career.  Perhaps not.  But no matter where life has led you, middle adulthood has probably involved looking to the future as well as re-examining the past.

Maybe you decided to end a pregnancy at some point, and this experience has been on your mind as you’ve reached and settled into middle adulthood.  Post-abortion stress is something that many women and men encounter.  If you’ve walked through this recently, your abortion may have happened a short time ago- or many years back.  Emotional challenges can come about as an immediate aftereffect of abortion, or crop up much further along a person’s life path.  It can linger beneath the surface, or be triggered seemingly without warning.  Every post-abortion experience is unique.

As with any life season, middle adulthood may involve some mental and emotional changes as well as physical ones.  It’s a time when many individuals begin to focus more attention on processing their past.  So, if you had a difficult abortion experience at any point, maybe you’ve become increasingly sensitive to the effects of this.  Managing residual stress from a difficult life experience is never something to feel ashamed of.  Healing is possible, even if you’ve struggled to cope for many years.  Now is always a good time to begin (or continue) your own healing process- regardless of where you find yourself today.

Restore After Abortion is a place where you can discover hope and an uplifting feeling of community among people who’ve been through circumstances like yours.  Perhaps every post-abortion experience is just as unique as every journey through middle adulthood.  But connecting with people who’ve found peace after abortion (or have started this process) can reveal the powerful truth that you’re not alone- and restoration is within reach.  If you’re not ready to join a support group right now, that’s okay too.  We offer opportunities to process and heal alongside a caring Restore leader in a private, one-on-one setting.

Reach out today to learn more.  Restore After Abortion is here to help you cope with the past, and step into a hope-filled, vibrant future. 


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