If I Seek Help, Will My Family Find out About My Abortion?

Do you have an abortion in your past that your family doesn’t know about?  It might surprise you how many people do.  It makes sense that many women, men, and teens don’t feel comfortable disclosing this information to family members.  An abortion experience may carry feelings of emotional hurt and shame, sometimes years later.  Perhaps you’re afraid your family would judge you for your past decisions, or feel wounded that you haven’t opened up to them about your abortion.  Maybe you’re scared that telling them now would affect your relationships and seemingly make matters worse.  Yet, you know that healing is needed, because the abortion has made an undeniable impact on your mental health.  And you just can’t go on like this.  If you’re seeking post-abortion care, and are concerned about your family finding out, reach out to Restore After Abortion.

Restore is a confidential post-abortion recovery program.  We provide opportunities to process and heal within a small group or one-on-one setting, virtually or in person, because every person’s set of circumstances is unique.  We want the women, men, and teens participating in our program to understand they have full autonomy over their healing journey.  And our customized approach allows participants to pursue healing in a way that meets their unique privacy needs.  Restore After Abortion begins with a confidential introductory appointment to explore which program structure may be right for you.  You’re welcome to share as much or as little information about your abortion experience as you’d like.

So, in answer to the question posed by this blog, it is absolutely possible to seek help and healing while keeping private information private.  Some may decide to share their experiences with family members or others once they’ve started the healing process.  But that’s entirely up to each individual.  It’s the role of our Restore team members to respect your privacy while creating a safe space for healing.

Restore has offered hope to individuals recovering from a difficult abortion experience for over twenty years!  And many of our team members have experienced an abortion firsthand.  So, we understand your need for caring support and discretion.  Our free program is designed to meet your unique needs.

Reach out to schedule your introductory appointment today!  It can be challenging to take the first steps toward healing, but many Restore participants tell us it’s well worth it.