The Weight of Abortion

sundress-336590_640“It just feels like he gets to go on with his life and be happy.”

Some women feel like the weight of their abortion solely rests on them. Their partners and families seem minimally affected, if even at all. It feels isolating, as if the burden of guilt and shame solely falls on their shoulders.

Perhaps you can relate.

If so, how do you cope?

First of all, remind yourself that not everyone processes an abortion the same way. Some are very vocal and expressive. They may want to cry, talk, yell, or verbalize. Others may find it too overwhelming, shameful, or difficult to even think about, much less discuss. They may internally process or some may just shove it so deep inside that they don’t have to think about it. Be gracious and patient with those who respond differently. Give them a little space and when the time is right, begin to approach the topic by asking questions and demonstrating empathy.

Ultimately, though, some people aren’t ready or willing to “go there.” And perhaps some people just aren’t as emotionally affected. So, in the end, you can’t let the way another person handles their decisions impact your own personal journey towards healing. Sometimes, we can get so angry with others and wrapped up in their responses that it keeps us from moving forward. Don’t let that be you! In reality, the other person may never change. They may never be interested or willing to look at their abortion experience. But that doesn’t have to impact you. Your response to your past abortion doesn’t have to be dictated by their choices. YOU can take that step on your own.

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