The Goal of Abortion Recovery

Grief can come and go as suddenly as a change in the season. The memory of a past abortion and the sense of loss that may accompany it can influence a change in temperature. Perhaps you find yourself waiting for the repetition of winter once the air starts to carry a bit of a nip and red hued leaves appear before the trees are stripped bare. Sadness can be overwhelming, and it can make the days seem longer and darker as you try to endure your grieving season.

The season’s wind and snowfall can seem quite heavy at times, but you do not have to traipse through it alone with the goal of reaching the end of the road. Walking by yourself through the unpredictably of the winter weather can be isolating and exhausting. The abortion you experienced may be responsible for this climate, but you deserve to regain control of the unsteady tempest inside you.

When you set yourself on the path toward abortion recovery, you can walk alongside people who see your pain reflected in their own eyes. You can place one foot in front of the other as you find the pace that works for you, never being rebuked for moving too slow. Any time you lose your footing because of the ice and slush from your grieving season, someone will be there to steady you. As the season changes, you can rediscover the promise of spring’s warmth alongside your empathetic companions.

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