Struggling With a Sense of Brokenness After an Abortion

You might have felt like something inside you shattered after an abortion. This can be an emotional experience, and it can be hard to pick up what seems broken and piece it back together. We may be reluctant to touch the glass for fear of being cut. These fragile fragments still have value, even in their current state.

When some things break, they can be fixed with glue. There may still be a few cracks left behind. What remains may not be the same as it was before, but its shape has been restored. The fault lines may even add a bit of beauty, as the fractured parts can now catch streams of light in their fissures. But what about the trying seasons where what is broken cannot be fixed with glue or tape?

Our first instinct is often to try and seize control when this happens. We want to scoop up the scattered remnants and make them into something whole again. Or, we may try to toss them into the trash so we do not have to look at them anymore. Remembering how they became damaged may cause us shame. Forgetting about it may seem easier.

An abortion can make us feel distant from our previous form. The dust remaining after being cracked is not the end. It signifies a new beginning. One where you emerge stronger than before. Hope is not lost. There are others who can take this journey with you. They can share your tears and work with you as you embrace this new chapter. You are not alone during this time.

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