Recognizing It Is Okay to Grieve a Past Abortion

Some women may find it difficult to cope with feelings of sadness after an abortion. You may have experienced a sort of numb haze once the abortion was over, and a desire to return to normalcy may have prevented you from truly grieving. The emotions from a past abortion sometimes have a way of inserting themselves into your everyday life. Recovering from grief often comes in a steady process. The first step typically involves accepting the presence of these feelings, and finding the path toward healing that will work best for you.

Our knee-jerk reaction to negative emotions is usually to retreat from them. This can serve as a form of defense against things you may not want to remember. While this solid wall between you and your grief can bring comfort at first, maintaining this barrier can be tiring. Reconciling with an abortion decision can be hard. You may be resistant to seeking help at first because taking the wall down can seem scary. This is natural. But you do not have to overcome your grief all at once.

Whether you reach out for individual or group counseling, you can take your time. The wall between you and your emotions does not need to be taken down all at once. Within a safe environment, the wall can be taken down brick by brick. This journey can be traveled at your own pace, and there’s a support system that is willing to work with you and respond to your needs.

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