Exploring Your Emotions After an Abortion

There may be a road inside your head that you’re hesitant to journey down. The path is one you’ve closed off with road signals to guide you toward a different line of thinking any time you stray too close to it, and barricades to protect you from crossing into this unexplored territory.  You may be hesitant to canvass your mind and explore your feelings about an abortion in your past. Pushing your emotions far back into your head might have repressed them for a while. But a part of you may still be aware of that secret location you’ve created in your headspace.

Emotions after an abortion can vary. Some women may feel numb or overwhelmed by intense feelings once the abortion experience is over. It’s normal to then create a space for yourself to cope with the situation. This can shield you from some of the pain, but the effort it takes to maintain such a substantial emotional barrier can be exhausting. Certain dates or reminders about what happened can draw you closer to the things you might have kept hidden.

Venturing through this unexplored part of yourself can be difficult to do alone. You deserve to feel safe as you put yourself in touch with memories and sentiments you might have been struggling with before. It may be helpful to locate an environment where you can communicate with women who have taken their first steps toward recovery. This system of support can help uplift you, as you can begin to heal with a compassionate team that can cheer you on the entire way.

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