Making the Journey Toward Recovery After an Abortion

An abortion experience can make you feel as if you have emotionally departed from your old location. As if you can see the border to a new country in the distance, and all that separates you from it is a desert. But you may be hesitant to complete the journey and see what lies on the other side. So there you are, trapped between the two faraway lands – unable to return to the place you came from. What if it does not look the same way you left it? At the same time, there may be fears about stepping into the unknown and exploring a new country.

Grief is a desert that must be crossed on foot. While remaining in the same place between the two countries is an option, you may have noticed this offers little protection from the desert’s cold nights and morning heat waves. Deep wounds after an abortion tend to heal slowly. As you take your first steps toward recovering from an abortion, remember this trek does not have to be made in one day.

It’s okay if there are days where you stumble or feel tempted to turn back. Try not to give up. Instead, be gentle with yourself, and travel at a comfortable pace. Waiting for you on the other side is a new version of you, filled with hope. You will not be alone as you make this trek. A gentle hand can lead you through the desert and help you merge from it more powerful than you’ve ever been before.

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