Reconciling With the Past Through Post-Abortive Healing

Sometimes, a significant experience in our lives can alter our sense of self-perception. A past abortion might have unearthed insecurities that were once unknown to you, or perhaps you’ve noticed changes in your behavior. The emergence of emotions such as grief, guilt, or sadness may have left you feeling disconnected from your old self. Despite attempts to forget it, perhaps you’re finding it difficult to dislodge yourself from the memories of the abortion. You may be wondering how to cope with these new feelings that appear to have dismantled what was once there and have latched onto you.

When something is broken, the hope that it can be pieced back together is not lost. It may take time to fix it, and this can make the task seem too exhausting to complete. But it is worth reacquainting yourself with your former shape. You might feel a bit different in the end. However, the moments of temporary brokenness are proof of the many layers of you that are waiting to be discovered during the repair process.

You deserve to heal from the abortion. If the wounds from it are still fresh or have been left unattended to for some time, it may be best if you start slowly. If a building is damaged, an architect still needs to take time to map out plans for reconstruction. One of your first steps may be to locate a safe environment to complete your recovery.

Allowing yourself to be created anew can take courage, but the gifts of love and self-respect your restorative journey can bestow upon you can make it all worthwhile.

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