Signposts: Unhappy Anniversaries

If you have experienced an abortion, there may be anniversaries in your life that you don’t want to celebrate. You may not be consciously thinking of the anniversary date, but it seems to have a hold on you anyway.

Have you noticed feeling depressed around the same time each year? Is there a season when you’re sick or accident-prone for no apparent reason? Although an abortion can stay in your mind and heart at any time of the year—even when you don’t want it to—when the calendar brings you to the anniversary date of the abortion, or the month of the would-be birth date, it can really come crashing down on you. Or maybe you do remember those dates, and you dread them approaching each year. You know how it’s going to affect you, in spite of your wish for that not to happen.

For many individuals, an abortion is not a done-and-over event. If you feel troubled—even haunted—by a past abortion, it may indicate that additional care and healing would be beneficial. Help is available!

Restore helps those for whom the lingering effects of abortion continue to cause pain. Restore provides free confidential post-abortion care and post abortion support services to all individuals after abortion experiences. Restore After Abortion serves DuPage County, Illinois and surrounding communities. Please call today for a free, confidential consultation.