Signposts Show Where Healing is Needed


Have you wondered if you really need healing after your abortion? Many women aren’t sure if they need the kind of help Restore offers.

The silence around abortion leaves women in the dark about what others have experienced. But at Restore, over the years, we have heard many women describe what it was like to struggle after their abortions. Based on their stories, we’ve identified some “signposts” that may point to areas of your life that have been affected by your past abortion(s). This series describes some of those signposts.

There may be patterns in your life that you’ve noticed but never connected to your abortions. Perhaps something that you’ve thought of as part of who you are—actually started with the abortion. Even professional counselors and therapists sometimes miss the connection between abortion and anxiety or depression.

We are glad that you are taking the time to reflect on the impact that abortion has had on your life. If these signposts ring true for you, we hope you will reach out to Restore. We are here to help.

So far in this series:

Unhappy Anniversaries
Inner Anguish
Inescapable Memories