Signposts: Inner Anguish


Even with the physical pain of abortion in the past, does it seem to you that the memories are more painful than the actual experience? Do you wonder if that will ever go away?

If you have experienced an abortion, whether recently or long ago, it can still hurt. An abortion can be a painful thing – both physically and in other ways. Sometimes in life we undergo physical pain strong enough that we can actually recall it well after it’s passed. Perhaps an abortion caused you to experience physical pain. It’s likely that physical pain is now in the past. Abortion, however, may also result in pain that goes beyond what is physical. In your mind, in your heart, somewhere deep inside you, there may be pain that has not gone away.

In some doctors’ offices, there are posters showing a series of smiley-to-sad faces to help patients express what level of pain they are experiencing. Maybe no one else is aware, asking you about it, or even understanding that you’re feeling this pain. It can be a hard thing to quantify, but when you are hurting, you know something’s not right.

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