Signposts: Inescapable Memories

memories-957471__180Sometimes, something stays with you when you wish it wouldn’t. Even when you really, deeply wish it wouldn’t. If you are having this experience after an abortion, you are not alone. You’ve tried to put it out of your mind; it keeps coming back. You try to turn them off, but the feelings don’t stop creeping in – sadness, regret, perhaps anger or anxiety. You tell yourself over and over to forget about it, but it’s not letting go.

It doesn’t seem to make sense. The event is past. Perhaps you were led to believe that once it was done, it would be over. Why is it not working that way?

For many who have experienced an abortion, it stays in the mind and heart no matter how hard you work at getting past it. Time alone does not heal all hurts. But there is hope and help for you with Restore.

Restore helps those for whom the lingering effects of abortion continue to cause pain. Restore provides free confidential post-abortion care and post abortion support services to all individuals after abortion experiences. Restore After Abortion serves DuPage County, Illinois and surrounding communities. Please call today for a free, confidential consultation.