“I Was Once You” Series: Ann’s Story

bondThis week, Ann tells her emotional story about the turmoil she felt after having a child and not being able to properly bond with her due to a previous abortion she had when she was away at college.  Ann shares how being in a Restore group helped her to come to “complete healing” in her life.

“When I found out I was pregnant, I was 18 years old and away at college for the first time. My boyfriend insisted we get married and raise the baby—a situation I couldn’t imagine doing. I was determined to follow my dreams of finishing college and starting an important career. A baby was only going to get in the way of it all. So, I told him I made the decision to have an abortion and, reluctantly, he accepted it. After enduring the excruciating procedure of the abortion, I was relieved it was all over and I could go on with my life, as usual. Little did I know what devastating consequences would occur later in my life.

A few years later, I got married and decided to have a child. I got pregnant and gave birth to a healthy girl. However, instead of feeling joy like I expected, I felt nothing towards her. No emotional connection. Nothing. The crying made me uneasy and exasperated. I was plagued with anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. I didn’t understand why I was feeling this way and didn’t know how to change it.

Then, one day, I saw a brochure about the Restore Program and called. I found out that the symptoms I was experiencing , called post abortion stress, were all connected to my past abortion. I found out there was help and healing for it.  Soon, I got plugged into a Restore group and with the help of my compassionate and caring leaders, I was able to process through all of my emotions and come to complete healing in my life.

I am so glad I connected with the Restore Program to get healing in my life and in my relationships. If you are struggling with bonding issues with children, guilt, anger, and other emotions caused by a previous abortion, there is healing available. Take that first step and get connected to a program like Restore that can help. You won’t regret it.”  Ann*, 45

Restore After Abortion specializes in helping teens and adults process through their emotions following an abortion. We provide individual as well as small group support. Our services are free and strictly confidential. Call or text us today at 630-599-0043 to find out more about our post abortion recovery program.

*name has been changed for confidentiality purposes.