“I Was Once You” Series: Shannon’s Story


Regret and unthinkable pain. Too often, the pain of a previous abortion weighs deep inside the hearts of women.  In this week’s story, Shannon describes how, because of a past abortion, the ache in her soul became so great that she even contemplated suicide. She shares how the Restore Program helped to transform her “fragmented self” into a healing that she didn’t know was  possible.

There is a piece of me missing. The ache in my soul. Oh my soul. Oh, my baby. I was unable to seek refuge in what I had done. I had no place to go, no reason to live, no way to escape what had happened.

I entered the Restore Program two months after the abortion. The plan was to share my story and then to quietly slip away and exit this world. Yet, a few sessions into the program, something happened. It was here in this place, this room and among other women where a knowing connection occurred. We all lost our babies.

It was here that my soul broke open and my voice became audible. It was here that my cry bore its unthinkable pain and I was able to bring my dying eyes level to meet theirs. It was here in this warm and sacred union of other “mothers” that I slowly began to heal. The shreds of my fragmented self began to piece back together. I stood for something. I stand for the life of my child.

Although my life has been forever changed, it is through this child and the healing that I received at the Restore Program that I now live and love in a way that I didn’t even know was possible. It is through grace and mercy that I am able to take this gift of renewal out into the world where I am able to live once again.      – Shannon, 40

Don’t let the pain of a past abortion overcome your life. Hope and healing is possible. Call us today. We want to help.

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