“I Was Once You” Series: Angela’s Story

This week, Angela shares her inspirational testimony about walking through one of the hardest seasons of her life including having an unplanned pregnancy and wanting to parent but, ultimately, choosing abortion.  She explains how being in a Restore group allowed her to, “change as a person and be guided in the right direction toward forgiveness.”

“I was 23 years old, working, and going to school full time with only a month a half away from graduating with my Bachelor’s degree. I was on the right track in my life, or so I thought. At the time, I was involved in an off again, on again relationship with someone that I thought I loved, but I also thought they loved me as well. Come to find out during my home stretch of finishing school, I was pregnant. This was not something planned, but I knew that one way or another I was going to make it work, for myself and my baby. Unfortunately, things did not turn out the way I wanted them to with myself and the father of my baby. He wanted me to get an abortion but I couldn’t even bare the thought of doing such a thing. Things ended up getting worse between him and I so I decided that an abortion was probably the best choice.

Having the abortion is one of my biggest regrets. It was one of the hardest decisions to make.  Although there was influence, I knew that ultimately it was my decision. After I had my abortion, I sought out help through the Restore Program. The program helped me change as a person and guided me in the right direction to forgiveness. I felt that the program really helped me knowing that other women had gone through the experience of abortion, as well, and, also, were seeking help. I hope that whoever goes through an abortion can forgive themselves, at some point, whether it is 5 or 30 years from that time. We all believe that our life may be going perfect but it never will. There are many obstacles that we go through unexpectedly but that does not mean we can’t overcome them. The right people and resources are out there to help you heal because I know I am healed from the Restore Program.”  –Angela, 28

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