Second-Guessing Myself After a Hasty Abortion Decision

Deciding to end a pregnancy is a very complex matter.  If you’ve sought an abortion in your past, you may have chosen this option- and chosen it quickly- for many different reasons.  Maybe you were trying to problem-solve within a specific time frame.  For example, a woman in college might seek an abortion before coming home for the holidays.  Or, perhaps you wanted to end the pregnancy early because you wouldn’t have felt comfortable ending it later.  Maybe you seemingly had no other choice, and pressure from a family member played a significant role.  Perhaps ending the pregnancy seemed like the quickest and most direct path back to normalcy.  Whatever unique circumstances you’ve faced, you were probably feeling an internal or external urge at the time of your decision to have an abortion before the pregnancy developed any further.  Some individuals find themselves questioning this choice when it’s too late to turn back.

Restore After Abortion is a program designed to help people find healing after a challenging abortion experience.  Ending a pregnancy can sometimes trigger feelings of depression, grief, anger, hopelessness, regret and emotional numbness.  A person’s relationships and behaviors can be impacted too when emotional pain carries on unresolved.  Does this resonate with you? 

If so, reach out to Restore!  A caring leader is ready and waiting to answer your questions.  We’re here to listen, while upholding the highest standards of empathy and confidentiality.

Now Is Always the Right Time to Begin a Healing Process

Maybe you’re in the unique position of second-guessing an abortion decision years after it’s taken place.  Feelings of anxious uncertainty can sometimes linger beneath the surface for a very long time, or be re-triggered.  Does this describe your own journey post-abortion?  If so, you don’t have to face your doubts alone one moment longer.  Or, perhaps your decision to end your pregnancy was recent.  You might be feeling emotionally numb at this stage or expecting symptoms of post-abortion stress to fade with time.  Your feelings about your abortion may shift.  Then again, hiding emotional pain deep down rather than facing it may lead to prolonged suffering.  Not all emotional wounds heal with time.  Some require intentional care.  Consider getting support sooner rather than later, in order to safeguard your own mental/emotional wellness and begin a new journey toward a brighter future.

“How Do I Face my Doubts?”

So, what does it actually look like to face your doubts and deal with them?  Whether you’re second-guessing a quick abortion decision or wrestling with another form of regret, confiding in someone caring and trustworthy will almost certainly be an important part of your healing process.  Why?  Because human beings were never meant to manage emotional pain and loss in isolation.  Sadly, the shame some individuals feel after an abortion causes them to hide their feelings from others, or even themselves.  But there’s another way.  At Restore After Abortion, we’re all about meeting the needs of people facing circumstances like yours with compassion- never judgment.  Our leaders are passionate about restoring hope in your life.  Many of them have even walked through a challenging abortion experience themselves.  They’re trained to guide you through a practical, constructive healing process.

If you’re having a difficult time coping after an abortion, and you aren’t sure how to move forward, our caring team at Restore is here to help.  But the decision to reach out for support must come from you.  Do you believe your self-doubt or other symptoms of post-abortion stress are cause for shame?  If so, you’re believing a lie.  Abortion is significant, complex, and sometimes emotionally harmful.  Acknowledging how it’s really affected you and getting the care you need is a courageous step, not a shameful one.

Learn more about Restore!  We offer opportunities to meet in a support group or one-on-one setting, virtually or in-person!