Coping with Abortion in My 20’s

For many people, their “20’s” is a hectic and significant season of life.  It’s a time of transitioning from youth to adulthood, laying a foundation- in some ways- for the rest of one’s life.  What milestones have you accomplished so far in your 20’s?  And what new ground are you in the process of breaking?  During these critical years, many of us are discovering our passions, learning new skills at a remarkable rate, and striving to launch our careers.  This decade can also be a natural time to establish important relationships and cast a vision for one’s future “family life.”  Don’t get me wrong- these landmarks can happen at any age.  But in our 20’s, most of us are navigating this for the very first time.  It can be challenging to manage all the activity and pressure under “normal” circumstances.  So, if you’re healing from a difficult abortion experience in your 20’s, you may be feeling overwhelmed in a way words can’t express.

If any of this strikes a chord, know that Restore After Abortion is here for you!  Our program is designed to help women and men of all ages process post-abortion stress within a supportive relationship or small community, and begin a journey toward healing. 

Learn more about Restore!  We’ve been offering free post-abortion care for over 20 years, and we’d love to be a part of your support system during this season of your life.

Every individual’s abortion recovery process is unique, just like every person’s experience of his or her 20’s.  Yet, many of us go through similar symptoms of stress in the wake of an abortion, like emotional numbness, guilt, sorrow, anger, new relationship or behavioral challenges…just to name a few.  You may have complex feelings about your pregnancy and abortion that are difficult to process.  Perhaps some of the decisions you’ve made and feelings you’ve coped with are (or were) directly related to your age.  For example, many women and couples decide to end an unexpected pregnancy when they’re young because they’re already dealing with limited finances, focusing on developing vocational skills, or simply figuring out what they want in life.

If you’re coping with a challenging abortion experience in your 20’s, chances are, the abortion happened a relatively short time ago.  Maybe it still feels fresh.  Sadly, some people find that post-abortion stress lingers as the years pass, even as other aspects of life may begin to feel steadier.  That’s why now is always a perfect time to seek support and begin your healing process if you’re struggling to cope post-abortion.  And it is possible to step into your future with peace of mind and freedom from shame.

Restore After Abortion offers an opportunity to talk about your experiences and learn how to continue living your best life.  Consider meeting with a trained leader one-on-one or engaging in a support group.  Our team is ready and waiting to respond to your unique needs with compassion, never judgement.  Many of our leaders have personally experienced the emotional pain of an abortion.

Contact us to learn more today!  All communication is private and confidential.