Post-Abortion Healing: Sorting out Complicated Feelings

Complicated Feelings

Once we have accepted the existence of a problem that may be burdening us, the road to recovery we embark on can take time and effort, but healing can be found once complicated feelings are sorted. While there may exist the temptation to give in to doubts we have about our ability to recover from grief, know there are always supportive resources available to us to lift us from our despair and help us heal. It is normal to feel a sense of mourning after an abortion experience, and once we accept that our grief exists, we can begin to take the necessary steps towards restoring ourselves.

As we progress through the healing process, we can begin to see that we are not alone, and there are those who will help us sort through the pain of our loss by lending us their own understanding of our experience. There are those who will assist us in our restorative journey, as they may have undergone a similar path towards recovery, and immersing ourselves in a loving community can give us the strength we need to complete our own. We have no reason to fear being shamed when we share our story, as allowing the right people to listen to us can break the chains of our grief.

The wounds we carry in our heart can be healed, and we do not have to give in to feelings of discouragement. What happened to us may not have been an easy experience to go through, but there is peace to be found in reconciling with the complex emotions we carry within ourselves. Our lives do not have to be ruled by our grief, and we can find the closure we need by accepting compassionate assistance from those who seek to understand us and help us heal.

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If you would like to talk through complicated feelings you are experiencing related to abortion, the Restore After Abortion program can help. Our program provides free, non-judgmental, and compassionate post-abortion care for teens and adults either in an individual or small group format. Please call or text us at 630-599-0043 to begin your journey towards healing.