Coping with the Reminders of a past Abortion

For some post-abortive women, attempting to forget your abortion is one of many coping strategies. Perhaps it’s a choice you just don’t want to remember, or maybe thinking about it causes you anxiety. But, sometimes, reminders of a past abortion can arrive unexpectedly, and this can bring on feelings of stress and nervousness.

You may feel tempted to avoid social media, as it’s possible that some of your friend’s posts trigger an emotional reaction in you. Without meaning to, the content of their posts may remind you of the abortion you might be trying to forget. It could be that there are some unresolved feelings that you may have towards your abortion, and this could be tied to the negative emotions you may feel when you’re reminded of it. But recognizing what may be causing you pain is a good first step, as it allows you to begin to contemplate healthy coping strategies.

Emotions can become stronger when ignored, but do not feel as if you must sort through them in isolation. You might find it helpful to participate in an abortion recovery group where you can connect with others who have had the same experience as you. This can help to soothe any feelings of anger or grief, as those in the group can lend you their strength and understanding in order to aid in your recovery. Do not feel discouraged if healing does not occur right away, as these things can take time. But having a supportive group behind you can help ease the transition from a period of mourning and into a place of restoration.

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