Opening the Door to Healing and Recovery After an Abortion

If something painful happened in the past, locking it up somewhere safe in our headspace can initially offer relief. For some women, they may feel as if their abortion experience is behind them, but hearing the topic being discussed online or in public might have evoked an emotional response.

Understanding why you may be feeling this way about something you thought had been shut away in the distant past can be a process. You may be wondering why this is happening to you now, and the effort needed to keep that door closed may be causing a bit of a strain. It can be hard to bring something out into the open if you’ve grown accustomed to isolating your abortion secret as a form of recovery. While disowning the experience can suppress things like sadness or depression, it can put you in conflict with yourself if a part of you feels differently about what happened.

Slowly turning the knob and opening a door you’ve grown accustomed to leaving closed is not always an easy task, and as you venture down the hallway to open it, you may wonder if you’re doing the right thing. You may be afraid judgment awaits you if you don’t keep it locked, but what you may find instead is a compassionate group of women who have traipsed through that very same hallway. They have felt your pain, and when the time comes to air out the dusty room you’ve kept hidden away, you do not have to be alone as you heal.

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