Nervous About Dating Again Post-Abortion

Everyone responds differently to an abortion.  Some persons who choose this path feel ready and free to move forward with life afterwards.  Others feel hindered by the past decision to end their pregnancy.  This can range from a glimmer of self-doubt to a heavy shadow of regret.  Do you feel as though the abortion has eclipsed the rest of your life, preventing you from being happy again or feeling good about yourself?  Maybe this “shadow” imagery resonates with you.  Or, perhaps you’re still processing the abortion and aren’t exactly sure how you feel about it, but you sense it was an impactful experience.  Either way, you’re probably wondering how this choice might affect meaningful aspects of your life, like dating, from now on.

No matter where you find yourself today, if you get the feeling you need any emotional healing from your abortion, Restore is here to help you find it.  Our no-cost program is meant to help individuals process what they’ve been through and where they’re headed.  Rebuilding hope and healing is the goal, although this process looks unique for everyone.

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Perhaps you’re ready to start dating again (or you’re approaching a place of readiness) after an abortion.  But you’re nervous to take that step.  Putting yourself “out there” may feel really intimidating regardless of your history and circumstances.  Most of us find dating at least a little bit stressful, even when we’re not coming to terms with a significant experience in our past (especially one that may be connected with a past relationship).  Maybe your choice to end a previous pregnancy would make dating especially complicated because you’re still grappling with some difficult emotions, and you’re not sure what it would be like to open up to someone again.  Maybe you’re wondering how to approach this subject with a new partner, asking yourself questions like, “Do I tell them about the abortion?” and “When’s the right time to have this conversation?”  You may be afraid of a particular reaction.  Many feel apprehensive about having this dialogue with new and familiar people because they’re scared of being judged.

Chances are, you’ve navigated some complex circumstances surrounding your unexpected pregnancy and decision to abort.  The experiences you’ve had may impact future dating relationships in some way, shape, or form, even if you meet someone you have a natural connection with who completely accepts your past.   Any significant life experience has potential to influence your relationships.  That isn’t necessarily a bad thing!  You can use the challenges you’ve faced to navigate new pathways with greater care and wisdom.  The right partner will treasure you for the person you’ve become, not just in spite of your past, but because of it.   At the end of the day, only you can decide if now’s the right time to start dating again.  The knowledge you’ve gained through life experience, your instincts, emotions, and values can help you perceive your best way forward.  Our caring Restore leaders are available to process all this by your side and support you, no matter what the next chapter of your life has in store.

At Restore, it’s our mission to help you discover hope and healing, and lean into your brightest, most fulfilling future, no matter the challenges you’ve faced.  It’s natural to feel nervous to start dating again after an impactful abortion experience.  But there are healthy ways to cope!  We’re her to “do life” with you, offering the tools and support you need to manage anxiety, heal from the past, and navigate what’s ahead.

Contact us today to learn more!  Restore offer opportunities to meet in a support group or one-on-one setting, virtually or in-person.