My Boyfriend Has Grown Distant After the Abortion

In the aftermath of an abortion decision, you may have noticed a fracture appears to have opened up between you and your partner. What may have started out as avoiding any discussion about the abortion may have evolved into retreating from things that may remind you both about the experience. It could be that because the abortion affected you and your partner, being around one another triggers memories of it. This alteration to something that might have once been comfortable and familiar can be disorienting, and trying to sort through this new development can be stressful.

There may be unresolved emotions about the abortion, and this can make it hard to talk to someone you once felt close to. If you and your boyfriend have grown distant from one another after the abortion, it’s possible that complex feelings and uncertainties about how the other person feels have caused you both to curl inwards. This can make it difficult to perceive and respond to what your boyfriend may be thinking, and perhaps it is the same for him. Fears about discussing the abortion and the heavy emotions it carries can be isolating, as it can lead to doubts about how to communicate with one another.

If you and your partner feel weighted down by anguish related to a past abortion, it may be worthwhile to explore any sense of loss or lingering anger connected to it. The two of you may be processing your emotions differently, but you still deserve healing. It may take time, by walking through your grief can be worthwhile.

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