My Abortion Feels Like a Secret Sorrow

Feelings of grief after an abortion often go unspoken. You may be hesitant to cry or express sorrow about the abortion in front of others. Perhaps they’re unaware of the abortion and you prefer to keep it a secret. Or, maybe you’ve found yourself disappointed in the way people have tried to comfort you after telling them about the abortion. As a result, you may feel torn. On the one hand, you want to forget what happened and move on. But a part of you may also feel something is missing if you have yet to have the chance to express your feelings about the abortion.

When we suppress how we truly feel, sometimes the emotions we hoped would pour out of us have a way of trickling back in. This can make it harder to hold them back, and these feelings will often spread into other areas of our life. You may have experienced this if you tried to suppress your feelings about the abortion and resume your daily routine. Things might have went back to normal, and for a while, it might have felt as if your grieving was over.

But what may have begun as a dull ache that you kept sequestered inside, you may have grown into a throbbing pain. The sorrow you felt after the abortion may not be over yet, and that is okay. It’s normal to feel, and you can work through your thoughts on the abortion. What you’re feeling isn’t strange, and it does not have to remain a secret. You deserve to have the chance to heal.

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