Struggling as a Teenager With an Abortion Decision

The emotional wounds left behind by an abortion can cut some women very deeply. If you’re a teenager who has had an abortion, perhaps you’re wondering how to process your feelings about it. You may have decided to have an abortion out of fear or a sense of panic. Or, maybe the choice was made for by someone else who felt the abortion was in your best interest.

No matter the reason, it’s okay to feel sad, angry, or numb after an abortion. The scar tissue left behind by the experience can leave some women feeling emotionally sore. How can you begin to recover from this?

A woman’s teenage years are often a tender period. Coping with an abortion decision be can hard when this is a time in your life where you may already feel vulnerable. Understanding complex emotions when they arise and how they might be tied to the abortion can be hard. For some women, they may attempt to repress these feelings as a way of healing from what happened. Other women may notice their negative feelings are manifesting in their daily behavior.

If any of this seems similar to your situation, it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. It could mean your thoughts about the abortion are attempting to make themselves known to you. Your emotions may be trying to escape if they’ve been bottled up. Talking about them within a safe environment is one way to reconcile with the abortion. This can give you the opportunity to be heard and to heal from the abortion.

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