Moving Forward With Courageous Action

“What if you decided not to go backwards, but forward? What if doing what you have never done before was the answer to everything that didn’t make sense? What if the answer wasn’t to be found in words, but in action? What if you found the courage to do what you really wanted to do and doing it changed your whole life?” ~ Shannon Alder

Sometimes there are things in life which holds us back from doing what we know is best or will truly benefit us in the long run. Perhaps it is something that has been at the back of your mind for weeks, months, or even years, but life circumstances have kept you from pursuing it. Maybe you try to ignore the prompting, the little nagging feeling, by filling up your schedule and distracting yourself. But, at the same time, perhaps you know this is what will bring about real change in your life.

Maybe ever since having an abortion you have felt you need to do something. Perhaps this is finally telling your family, a close friend, or your partner about your experience. But maybe it is putting courageous action into place to seek out healing for the difficulties you have faced because of your past abortion. If you have always felt you need to reach out, maybe you’ll find that doing so will change your life.

If you find yourself struggling with difficult emotions after having an abortion, it’s never too late to move forward with courageous action. At Restore, we are passionate about helping you on the path to healing so that you can continue living life to the fullest. Our team would love to meet with you and get started with a plan personalized for you.

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