How Can I Help My Friend Who Had an Abortion?

It’s not easy watching somebody we love go through something incredibly painful and difficult. Sometimes it might feel like all you can do is watch as your friend grasps for a firm handhold on life. While there are often so many ways to help, sometimes those ways feel useless or pointless in the face of whatever it is your friend is going through.

Maybe you find yourself in this situation with a friend who is struggling after having an abortion. Perhaps everything seems fine on the outside but you’re an insider who knows your friend is having a really hard time. Is your friend struggling with feelings of regret, depression, anxiety, guilt, or other really difficult emotions after having an abortion? It’s possible they are dealing with post-abortion stress. Like a good friend you might be wondering what you can possibly do that will actually help them. Maybe you’ve tried so many things and nothing seems to help. Those who deal with post abortion stress may find the path to healing difficult and long, but always worth it.

If somebody close to you is having a difficult time after having an abortion, you may suggest they reach out to Restore After Abortion. We are a team made up of caring, nonjudgmental people who desire to help women who are struggling see how things could get better. We would love to connect with your friend and create a restoration plan to meet her needs and schedule. She doesn’t have to go through this alone.

 Call or text Restore After Abortion today at 630.599.0043 to get started.