Ever Since My Abortion, My Mental Health Has Been Bad

Back then, when you first thought about having an abortion, you might not have thought you’d deal with any regret or difficulties because of it. Because of the situation you were in, maybe you brushed aside any worries or feelings that you shouldn’t go through with it. However, whether days, months, or years later, you’re dealing with effects you never thought you’d have.

Maybe the feelings came on slowly, or all at once, but you’re having trouble navigating strong emotions. Perhaps your mental health has been worse off ever since you had an abortion. While at first you may have attributed this change in your mental health to other factors in your life, you know now why your outlook has taken a downward turn. Discovering the reason for your poor mental health might cause you to feel like you’re isolated and don’t know where to turn for help.

But help is here. Restore After Abortion is a program tailored to your specific needs and schedule so that you and your mental health can be restored after having an abortion. You don’t have to travel these murky waters alone anymore—you can look forward to brighter days ahead!

Call or text Restore After Abortion today at 630-599-0043 to start healing your mental health.