So Many Years Later

So many years later,
Feelings from the past,
Surface like flotation devices
pushed underwater for so long.
They come up and up
and I can’t push them all down at once,
they are all over,
popping up at the least convenient time,
Sadness and shame, not belonging…
How do I live with this pain?*


The poem entitled, “So Many Years Later” is a great reminder about the danger of what can happen if feelings are stuffed over many years and not dealt with appropriately when they happen. All too often it is easier to push down the painful emotions and convince ourselves that we will be better off ignoring them. We may say we are too busy or feel too overwhelmed to want to try to get help.  But, at some point, even decades later, those thoughts and emotions can come popping back up to the surface of our minds causing an intensity that forces us to stop and deal with them.

Has the weight of guilt and shame from a past abortion been building up in your life and now you don’t know how to go on living in this pain? Whether this has been occurring for a short time or decades, there is help and healing available.

Don’t let any more time go by without getting the help and resources you need. Restore After Abortion offers individual and small group support to help you process through the emotional weight of abortion. Please contact our compassionate staff today at 630-599-0043.


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