The Benefits of Joining a Restore Group

Restore Let’s face it. It can be quite scary and uncomfortable to join a support group, especially one that deals with an emotionally sensitive topic like post abortion stress.

Maybe you have taken that courageous first step to get help. Even gone through an introductory appointment and gotten matched up to a support group. But now, the fear really begins and you may start to reconsider joining the group. You may be saying to yourself,

“How can I face others with my shameful secret?”

“I am not even sure that I am ready for this.”

“Do I even need this support?”

“What if it ends up being a really bad experience?”

“I doubt this is going to help me anyways!”

Unfortunately, it is usually easier to give in to the fear and not join a support group than to try it and have the opportunity to make a positive difference in your situation.

If this sounds all too familiar, let me encourage you that it’s never too late to make a change and get the help you need. Break free from the fear and take control of your situation. Don’t continue to be stuck in all the agony, grief, and anger you are feeling. You deserve more.

Why join a support group? In groups, you hear about others’ experiences, and realize you are NOT alone. Additionally, trusting relationships are built with people who care and really listen to you. You share your life experiences and get the opportunity to be encouraged. As the group bonds in a deeper way through the weeks, emotional progress and healing will come.  And, ultimately, your life is changed for the better.

Don’t let fear keep you from reaching out for help when you really need it.  Restore After Abortion provides a safe, caring, and nonjudgmental environment for teenagers and adults to share their abortion stories and get the healing they need.  You can call or text us at 630-599-0043 for more information or to schedule a free introductory appointment.