Is it Possible to Heal From a Past Abortion on My Own?

So often individualistic activities are highly praised in our society. We take pride and pleasure in doing things by ourselves, happy that we can accomplish something without the help or assistance of another. But this mindset can hurt rather than help. We lose out on developing close community with others, learning from them, or even offering them our help. Perhaps you find yourself in a place of wondering if you can find peace on your own. Maybe a past abortion is plaguing you with difficult thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories…and you wonder if it’s possible to heal from this distressing situation on your own.

Having the time and resources to start a healing journey can be aided with somebody who is ready to walk with you. It is so strong and courageous to find somebody who will be with you through the difficult processing and who will encourage you, reminding you that you are strong and there is hope. While you can certainly be alone in your journey, you don’t have to be. You may find that having somebody who has experienced these things may be such a balm to you as you grapple with your strong and difficult emotions.

Restore After Abortion is a program which can be tailored specifically to meet your needs. You don’t need to go through this alone. It is  strong to reach out for help. You’ll be matched with somebody who will walk with you through your healing journey so you can be wholeheartedly supported.

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