I’m Angry at My Partner for Pressuring Me Into the Abortion

Anger is one of the more powerful emotions that can stem from a past wound or disappointment. Its bitter roots can extend to other negative feelings, such as resentment and rage. When allowed to fester, anger grows like a thorny weed. This weed may have sprouted after an abortion experience. Perhaps you felt a sense of regret or sadness that you connected to the abortion. The realization of these feelings may have led to anger toward the person who might have encouraged the abortion – your partner.

The weed that planted itself inside you may rankle and gnaw at you the more you think on the role your partner played in your abortion decision. Maybe you had not even considered abortion before your partner suggested it. Or, maybe you had doubts about this choice, but your partner pressured you into going through with it. No matter the situation, you deserve to find peace from these feelings.

Freeing yourself from a destructive emotion like anger can be a process. There may be knots and tangles to unravel before you can fully pluck out the weed. How long the healing takes may depend on how deep your anger flows. The thought of your abortion may bring to mind memories of hurt and brokenness.

Wandering down this restorative path can seem scary at first. If there is reluctance, know you do not have to walk down this road alone. The anger you feel toward your partner cannot tie you down forever. Recovery often brings light, and the accompanying warmth is strong enough to snuff out any cumbersome weeds.

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