If My Circumstances Were Then What They Are Now, I Wouldn’t Have Had the Abortion

If you have an abortion in your past, chances are, terminating seemed like your best available option at the time.  Maybe, because your situation was what it was, parenting or adoption felt out of reach.  But what if circumstances have changed in your favor since then?  What if you’ve reached a better place in your relationships, career, physical health, finances, etc.?  What if you’re in a healthier space mentally and emotionally?  You’re probably feeling relieved and thankful that your circumstances have improved. At the same time, your emotions surrounding your past, present, and future may be complex.  Perhaps you believe that you would have made a different pregnancy decision if your situation had been more like it is now back when you were pregnant.

This is probably a frustrating and unnerving place to find yourself.  If you’re having these thoughts, chances are, you’re not feeling at peace with your pregnancy decision.  And if you’re not at peace with your past decision, you may wish that you’d made a different one.  You’re looking at your choice for abortion through the lens of your current life season.  Keep in mind that this definitely wasn’t the case when you were faced with this decision.  Hindsight is 20/20.  Every pregnancy option comes with its own set of risks and challenges, so your life would have taken a different path if you’d chosen parenting or adoption.  But maybe the abortion that’s part of your story is causing so much stress here and now that you feel compelled to act.

Are you having a hard time accepting your past choice for abortion and focusing on the present?  Do you feel as though it’s continuing to trigger emotions like regret, anger, or sorrow?  Post-abortion stress is a real phenomenon that many individuals face, and its symptoms can linger for any length of time following a difficult abortion experience.  If your past abortion is interfering with your ability to live well in the present, or if it feels unresolved in your heart and mind, consider reaching out to Restore.

Restore After Abortion is a free post-abortion recovery program that’s designed to help women and men discover hope.  As a first step in your healing journey, we pair you with a highly-trained volunteer who’s available to lead you through a structured book study.  We tailor our program to your needs and preferences by offering opportunities to meet one-on-one or in a support group setting, virtually or in-person. 

Reach out to Restore and take your first steps toward emotional healing that lasts!