I’ve Had Multiple Abortions and Each One Has Made Me Feel Worse

Does the title of this blog describe what you’re thinking and feeling today?  Whether your most recent abortion happened yesterday or decades ago, chances are, you’ve reached a point of exhaustion.  You probably never expected that each of your abortion experiences would be harder to cope with than the last.  You definitely didn’t hope for this outcome.  Yet, despite your best efforts to manage multiple unexpected pregnancies, you’ve found yourself in the difficult position that you’re facing today.  Your negative feelings have deepened with each pregnancy you’ve ended, and you’re probably thinking, “Enough is enough.”

You likely believed that abortion was your best or only option with every past pregnancy decision that you made.  You were probably facing extremely stressful circumstances during these times, and trying to regain some direction over your life.  Maybe you thought you’d get accustomed to the abortion process or that these experiences would eventually become easier emotionally.  Perhaps you have gotten used to this pattern in some ways.  But you can’t seem to shake off negative feelings about these choices, which seem to have worsened with every unexpected pregnancy you’ve been though.

Have you been struggling with symptoms of post-abortion stress (like sorrow, guilt, or anger)? No matter how long you’ve been coping with these feelings, now is the perfect time to access support.  Restore After Abortion exists to help individuals who are wrestling with post-abortion stress discover hope and healing.  We’ve been providing free support to women and men from our own Chicagoland community and beyond for over 20 years!  The goal of our program is to help you process past abortion experiences, present struggles, and future hopes, in order to discover lasting emotional healing.

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