Feelings of Isolation After an Abortion


It is possible you may find yourself struggling with feelings of fear and isolation after your abortion experience. There is a chance the abortion happened many years ago and you have never told anyone, or it might have been recent and now you find yourself in need of someone to talk to. You might find it difficult share your abortion experience with someone due to a fear of rejection, and you may feel like what you went through is something you must carry alone. No matter your experience, you deserve to have your story heard, and there are resources available that can help you sort through your feelings. 

A supportive environment that consists of people who have had the same experience as you can offer you healing. It is completely normal to have some anxieties at first about joining a group and admitting out loud for the first time the existence of a problem. Take comfort in knowing you are likely not alone in those feelings, as those coordinating the group may have experienced similar sentiments, and they can help to guide you through your fears and talk about them with you. 

Healing takes time, but the labors of your grief will end as you become a restored woman. Your feelings of isolation can be dismantled within the company of others, and your story can be told within a group setting that does not look to judge or condemn. With the help of a small community who wants to see you prosper, you can be made to feel safe as you explore the issue that plagues you. Support from others helps in validating our feelings of grief, and with the assistance of a recovery group, we can begin to find healing after an abortion.

How to Find Help

The Restore After Abortion Program offers free, nonjudgmental post-abortion care for teens and adults. Please call or text us at 630-599-0043 to begin your journey towards healing.