Remembering You’re Not Alone After Your Abortion

A past abortion experience can cause negative feelings, and if we sense ourselves in a state of emotional or spiritual pain after an abortion, it is important to remember there is help available to us. Restoring yourself is a journey, and once we welcome the beginnings of the gradual healing process, our emotional and spiritual well-being can be renewed. It cannot be emphasized enough that you are not alone in your feelings, and your recovery does not have to be done in isolation.

Your past abortion may have left you feeling alone and unable to tell anyone about what happened, but try not to give up on your restoration. The abortion may have been years ago or it may have been recent, and your story deserves to be heard. Many others care about you and want to listen to you, and we want you to see healing after your abortion is possible.

There is a community of compassionate people who can offer you encouragement as you walk on this path of recovery. You are not alone on this path, as others have embarked on it before you, and those looking to support you can help you find peace and a sense of wholeness you might have thought was lost. No matter how deep your pain after your abortion may seem, hope can be restored and confidence renewed alongside those rooting for you to succeed in your journey towards recovery.

Help is Here

The Restore After Abortion Program offers free, nonjudgmental post-abortion care for teens and adults. Please call or text us at 630-599-0043 to begin those steps towards finding healing.