Feeling the Need to Compensate for My Past Abortion

After an abortion, many individuals struggle with chronic post-abortion stress: the inability to process difficult feelings about an unexpected pregnancy and subsequent abortion.  This occurs more commonly than most people realize.  One of the more prevalent symptoms of post-abortion stress is a lingering sense of guilt or shame.  Among those who experience this, some women and men report feeling a need to “compensate” or “pay” for their decision to terminate.  Are you wrestling with similar sensations in the wake of a difficult abortion experience?  If so, read on.

Trying to compensate for a past abortion can look unique for each individual.  Some people who have kids may become extra-protective of their living children.  Some may lose motivation to seek emotional healing or even become more inclined to tolerate abuse from others.  Some individuals may actually try to get pregnant again.  These situations can be especially complicated, because women who have this urge are usually terrified of the very outcome that they feel driven to pursue.  “Making payment” for an abortion or any other past decision doesn’t always look logical at face value.  But smart, rational people sometimes try this approach nevertheless in an effort to neutralize their feelings of guilt so they can find peace and move on.  The truth is, such patterns aren’t healthy.  They don’t undo the past or lead to peace of mind.  Often, they result in even greater emotional pain.  If you feel a need to compensate for a past abortion, know that there’s a better way.

Restore is a program that’s designed to help individuals who are struggling with post-abortion stress discover healing that lasts.  If you’re hurting after an abortion, and this hurt is causing ongoing, unhealthy patterns in your life, it’s important to get to the source of that.  This means processing your experiences in a safe environment with someone caring and trustworthy.  At Restore, we pair our program participants with highly-trained, compassionate leaders who go through a book study by their side.  This isn’t an easy journey for most.  But through our program, numerous individuals have discovered emotional healing over the past 20+ years.

Check out our website and reach out to us today!  Our program is free and completely confidential.

*If you’re in an abusive relationship, call  the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).  If you believe your safety or someone else’s may be at risk, call 911 right away.