Is Fear Stopping You From Getting Help?

fearOften, I hear women say they are afraid to start a post abortion recovery program because they are too fearful to discuss their abortions with other people. They mention they are afraid that once they start talking about their abortions, they will not be able to handle the deep emotions that will come up with it. They fear they will fall apart even more in their lives and not be able to recover. Unfortunately, they feel it is a better choice to bury their emotions, ignore their grief, and continue to live their lives without ever speaking of it.

But what can happen if you push fear out of the way and pursue healing?  I wanted to share with you what a past client said after courageously finishing the Restore Program and processing through her fear and grief of her two abortions from over 40 years ago:

 “This time in my life I would never had imagined I would be talking, opening up, and sharing about my two abortions. It was a season in my life that I had buried, never to think about it again because it was too painful. So as I bravely walked through these doors of the Restore Program with all my guilt, shame, and pain that I had been carrying for over 40 years, never would I have imagined that the outcome would be SO AMAZING. The program caused me to open up and share in areas where I had so much guilt, shame, and pain for so long and I received healing in every area. Thank you.”     –Patricia, 65 years old.

Don’t let fear stop you from getting the help you need after suffering from the effects of a previous abortion. Contact Restore today. We can help you get the healing you desire.

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